What is Astrology ?
Astrology is based on Law of Karma. Every action that you take, every thought that you have is affecting you and those around you. People whose destines are intertwined with you are your husband/wife, brother/sister, friend or relative. You meet them you share happiness, joys and sorrows together till the time you are destined to—it is karmic connection. This is common knowledge. The stars at the time of your birth lay your destiny path, where and when you will meet your destines challenges, joys and happiness is written in our destiny plan. Astrology is a science that can help decipher your destiny plan. Planets are constantly moving so no time whether good or bad will remain forever in your life. Destiny plan is not only based on your past karma only but also on your present karma. Your present karma can improve your destiny plan. You create your own destiny yourself. What you do today will come to you in the future and what you are experiencing in your present is something you made yourself in the past. What you seek can all come to you but except for your karma nothing will be carried over to your next birth. So if the focus is on material gains, nothing wrong, but important in this karma theory is how you acquire and use it, no wave drowns a man but his own karma drowns him in this ocean of life.
God has made such a beautiful and wonderful law of this universe, he has made us all the creator of our own destinies and he has also given us power to improve our karma. The Law of karma is based Newton’s Law of cause and effect: For every action there is a reaction. This chain of karmic retribution can only be broken when you are willing to pay your karmic debt willingly without resentment, selfishness or bitterness in your heart. Destiny is strange it brings ‘forgetfulness’ – karmic amnesia, meditation illuminates mind to bring memories of karmas of your past lives. Your inner instinct or intuition is nothing but your enlightened mind guiding you and as you meditate your instincts become strong. That is why always listen to your inner voice of what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The sense of justice, of good and bad, is deeply rooted in your mind because of your souls’ past karmic lessons. Your level of evolvement will decide how much karmic memory you will have.  astrology is not deterministic, it gives you choices and has certain path also determined for you when you make choices. Law of karma is ongoing, karmas from past births and karmas of this birth working together. And You or your own karmas decide your destiny. God has made universal law of karma where we all construct our own destiny, if you want happiness for yourself –do good karma. Astrological predictions are based on mathematical calculations of transiting planets. The exact degree of each transiting planet and aspects they make give amazingly accurate picture. LEARN ASTROLOGY as knowledge of difficult and lucky times in advance will help you plan accordingly.