Correspondence Classes
Our courses allow you flexibility to study astrology, numerology and palmistry on based on Online Classes, Correspondence Classes and self study classes. Whether for personal development or professional training in astrology, numerology and palmistry, you can choose to follow a specific program or select the particular astrological course that interests you. study to suit yourself, we gives you the option correspondence classes by courier. Where you live, you can learn astrology in the comfort of your own home.

course has been divided in three levels. for beginners , Advance Course and Specialisation Course. It covers all important topic of vedic astrology, Numerology and Palmistry. The Online program consists of 12 lessons in all ( Astrology, Numerology and Palmistry ), two lessons each month. Time of class will be fixed according to convenient of student and me.

For Correspondence Classes the hardcopy will be send to you at your own place.

Hardcopy will cost :- $15 USD + Courier Charges
Self Study
We realize that not everyone can commit to a routine schedule of classes. We have, therefore, prepared several self-study programs which allow you to sign up at any time and access the lessons whenever you please -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can do the work in your own time and at your own speed.* These programs have been carefully developed to provide you with a high-quality, guided educational experience on an independent-study basis. In self study programme you can apply for any of the course level as for your covenient.

Please Find the Details of courses and classes levels :- Each Level consist of 12 lessons
Astrology Numerology Palmistry
Level 1:- For Beginners Level 1 :- For Beginners : -
Numbers how they relate to personality and destiny.
Level 1 :- For Beginners : -
Palmistry foretells future by shape, size and imprints on palm.
Level 2 :- Advance course Level 2 :- Advance course Level 2 :- Advance course : -
Social status, position, career, money, marriage, love, diseases, temperaments and personalities can be read through lines and mounts on hand.
Level 3 :- Specialization Level 3 :- Specialization Level 3 :- Specialization