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What is Numerology ?
The ancients believed that the parents or person who named the baby was the tool the soul used to name itself on the earth. The concept of reincarnation, the journey of soul, preached by ancient Vedas, the idea generally put forth is simple; the baby is arriving to continue a journey. Since name is important so the process of naming your baby is very very important. Numerology is the study of numbers to interpret a person’s character and the future. Number values are assigned to the letters in your name and reveals the true nature of the personality and the characteristics that influence decisions taken throughout life.  You need to find out what makes you special among the billions of people in the world.Change your name or spellings of your name for promotion, increment, growth or happiness. Name number and birth number( single total number you get by adding your birthdate) when same brings money, growth and luck in life. YOU ALSO CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN.  Learn how to calculate your name number through Numerology.  You’re buying a property and going out to pick a certain house number. You search, but just can't find the number you want in a property that you like, and at a price you can afford. This frustration if occurs, it indicates that you're trying to find or access a lifestyle which just isn't in the cards at this point in your life. Learn Numerology to find love, soul mate, house, career and money in your life.
What is Palmistry ?
Palmistry foretells future by shape, size and imprints on palm. Palmistry is the ‘Study of the hand’ and various signs on it. Lines that run across the palm, the mounts (or fleshy parts) of the palm and the structure of fingers hold the secret to your past and future. Everything that you were born with when you came into this world, who you are today and what you will be in future is indicated on your hand. It is like a code that you need to decipher. It is not fatalistic, your past and present karmas determines your destiny. God, the almighty, has probably given this code of destiny in your hand, to emphasize the power of your present karmas. Human mind has conscious and sub-conscious part, perhaps the imprints on the palm are caused by the workings of the sub-conscious mind which is a store-house of all our past karmas of many previous births. In palmistry, curiously each feature and line of the hand has its meaning and foretells the events of your life. Smaller lines change (present karma) but major lines (past karmas) remain unchanged. Learn palmistry to decipher this code of destiny that you are born with!!